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First Episode Podcast

05 May Posted by in Podcast | 1 comment
First Episode Podcast

Hello Everyone
Thank you for your support and I’ve deep gratitude towards you
this is first Podcast that i hope that it would be useful for you and who studies English or interested in vocabs
if you see any foible point in our Podcast please feel free and leave comments
I’ve appreciated 😉

Podcast in  and also click here :


 Download the Podcast 01

Transcriptions :

Punctilious /pʌŋkˈtɪl.i.əsadj : Very careful to behave correctly and follow rules

Punctilious about

example :

1- Alan was always punctilious about repaying loans

2- The teacher corrected my essay in very punctilious manner

Synonym :  precise – scrupulous – meticulous – pedantic – persnickety – assiduous – fussy


Urbane /ɜːˈbeɪnadj : Behaving in a relaxed and confident way in social situations
example :

1- Neil was urbane, witty, direct, and honest.

Synonym : polite – courteous – courtly – mannerly – affable – suave – graceful – genteel


Sententious /senˈten.ʃəs/ adj : Telling people how they should behave – used in order to show disapproval

example :

                              1- Sententious remarks

Synonym : moralistic – sanctimonious – pompous – priggish – pietistic – preachy


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Have fun



  1. nono05-06-14

    Tabriik migam ;))

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