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… means everything

07 Feb Posted by in Daily | Comments
… means everything

Hi everyone
First of all i have to apologise for not keeping up-to-date my blog  and there is no answer to justify except that the time ..
everyday, i wake up at 6 and go out and come back most of the time afternoon you couldn’t believe that i can hardly keep my eyes open now but is joyful and i feel good 🙂
Anyway, now I’m really vim and vigour and feel perfect but still I’m afraid of losing her i didn’t dear to  talk to her  ,an now i’m afraid of losing her honestly these fears will come with me at breaths my last i really love her everyday more than yesterday and less than tomorrow

in middle of day sometimes i have a time to think you it’s wonderful whatever I’ve thought about my life and the things which i could have or earn if she wouldn’t be it’s useless
everything will get mean when she will be when she will happy and be
she is awesome and perfect how could i delineate her …
my motivation and everything , you what I’m talking about it now I write about her because of she
she is to me , My everything that would be meant

she means everything

some years ago somebody ask me what is happiness to you  i couldn’t say any answer to him  but today i wish he would come again and ask me i am going to say happiness means when i see a smile on her lips

you know some picture could delineate  my feeling instead of my writing like this ..


and just her if i got wake up because of her and every motivation that i have cuz of her

ahhhmmm yawning I feel sleepy tomorrow night’s i will post another post that would be kind of bunny bunny bunny give me rabbit diling diling <3

I love you more and more and ore than everythiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing




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