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Why its going to ?

21 Jan Posted by in Daily | Comments
Why its going to ?

I feel lugubrious well  I’m not well actually………….:(((
this way that i’ve chosen there is no u-turn i wanna you for my rest of my life because you are all of my life of course where is your right to choose your right man … yeah if you say that i really feared to hear about that i respect your thought but don’t you love me ? :((

I swear to God no ones would love you more than me i know my self i could prove it to you ….

she is all thing that i have but she behaves like somebody who have been hurt by me !!!!!
what would have done to you ?
talk to me
don’t be  such stranger people to me i’m gonna die

talk to me

i really feel like i’m in the middle of a crowded room with you and screaming yet and you’ve just watched me !!!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

In every relationship they get mad fight with each other because they love each other and afraid of losing each others i understand you and i love you very much but please say something just something


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