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I’m so sad

29 May Posted by in Daily | 3 comments
I’m so sad

Hi friends or hi ghost !!!

did you know some days you are really sad and feel lugubrious about somebody that you really infatuated with it
yes it or maybe her

no words to define my post right now !

i really feel like i’m in the middle of a crowded room and  screaming yet no one really hears me?

when i’m looking back to my life it’s very interesting and woeful that i could find  no one who has label of true friend or it would be better to say that with close friend tag

yes i have lots of friends that are really kind and good but the more the are really close friend and kind the more they are far from me
i really miss them

i wanna say something very enthralling   is it happen to you that met some people just for one time and see them just in brief excursion but you fathom out that they are really true friend and sometimes you become a relationship with a girl but suddenly all of your mutual points razed down to ground, you missed your bottle

there is no bottle here

where is my bottle in the fucking world

  1. Joseph06-25-13

    The meaning of the relationship may be it is
    Isn’t it ?!

    • admin08-02-13

      No it’s not what the mean that i thought or what you are told !
      The meaning of relationship is happy , hope and self-confidence which we just get from each other
      i really happy today 🙂

  2. سعید09-26-13

    پدرام جان داری مجبورم میکنی برم زبان یاد بگیرما ! 😀
    هیچی از وبلاگت نمفهمم !

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