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Great Toothpaste Makes Up for Bilious Sex

21 Dec Posted by in Funny | 3 comments
Great Toothpaste Makes Up for Bilious Sex

First of all, Before you start to read this paragraph  I recommend that  it should be enjoyable to see this video on you tube 🙂 

 An Australian ad for Quay toothpaste has ripped off every Orbit commercial ever, which all go something like this: bad, dirty thing happens to a person, but that person remains unflappable, flashing a glittering row of fresh, clean teeth because Orbit gum makes you feel like a diligent maidservant has been inside of your mouth, scrubbing the grout between your teeth with a Sham Wow. In the Quay ad’s re-imaging, Quay makes even a dissatisfying sexual liaison worthy of a smile, because, even lying prone and unfulfilled on a mattress next to your impatient lover, your mouth is super clean and that makes you feel like smiling on the outside even if you’re fucking pissed on the inside.

  1. michael12-21-12

    Yes, because we should only judge people based on how attractive they are, and to your standards.

  2. Rana12-21-12

    eh cheshmam roshan 😀 adam nemiidoone bekhande ya gerye kone een yani chi ?

  3. Merina12-21-12

    Great, now every time I brush my teeth I’m gonna have a femaboner.

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