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First Lecture For True Friendship

06 Mar Posted by in Daily | 12 comments
First Lecture For True Friendship

This is not technology post but every body are looking for.

Many of us are looking for friend who is somebody that we can do trust in him/her. Anyway, as far as my view is concern, friendship also consist in using our spiritual sense to intuitive sense the mental atmosphere of our friends and being  able to respond to their need when necessary.

In my eyes, Our ability to sense the presence of loneliness,sadness or confusion and being able to offer healing when needed is an act of love and demonstrates our divine nature as image of likeness of God.

Friendship is maintain on a foundation of freedom,respect,tolerance,forgiveness and specially communication and loves.

True Friend is never closing door on healing because of the name of them is true friend. I’ve some experiences about  finding true friend or making but the point is that true friendship is written on chimerical books, we can not find it.

I know a lot of us told me we have true friend or friends but the point is that if you have true friend what is the mean of enemy. I ascertained the sentence that is enemies are someone that  one day who was best friend of us !

Anyway , I’d like to share 5 tips to become true friendship.they are essential part to boost your relationship as true friendship

  • First and foremost is be friend with your self: I’d like say it with questions. If you don’t even love your self how can you love others or accept others ? I know we may have made mistake that you can’t forget it but you forgive yourself for them.


  • Accept others : After you be friend with yourself , you will be in meritorious position to accept others However other people may do you wrong or have some bad habit you don’t like it But the point is that you are not perfect there is no reason for you not to accept others.


  • Make time : I know we are too busy ti provide time for relationship even for important people such as father,mother and me 😀 I’m just kidding anyway  in fact we put relationship to low priority if we regard relationship as high priority time won’t be a problem.


  • Be a good listener just thist but i enject something here most of the boys are not not be good listener 🙂


  • Last but not least be present in difficult time : Don’t try to be fair-weather friend









  1. farhad03-08-12

    دوست آن دانم که گیرد دست دوست
    در پریشان حالی و درماندگی

    البته این زمونه،دوست یه جورایی نایابه.
    بیشتر ارتباط های بده بستونیه تا دوستی

    • admin03-08-12

      Are daghighan bazihashoonam too bad hali bahatand amma akharesh dobale eenand ke az posht behet khanjar bezanan hastand ! :((

    • zebelkhanum03-08-12

      nabasham..bemiram vase daghe delet babayiiii

      • admin03-08-12

        Babayeetonn alan be ye chiz faghat niaz dare aaah khodaye man esmesh chi bood chize az oon chazast chi bood oon chize ahan ghorse zede afsordegi 😀 :mrgreen:

        • zebelkhanum03-15-12

          manzooret az esmesh chi bud ke kheirolah nist??!!!…

      • farhad03-09-12

        همینجوریشم نیستیا :دی
        من که داغ ندارم، کلا گفتم

        میگم دوباره بریم دبستان
        خیلی راحجت به این و اون بگیم با من دوست میشی؟
        این دردسرای امروزی رو هم نداره

        • zebelkhanum03-15-12

          babayi to bara khodet sakht kardi lab tar kon khodam ye gooni doost vasat peyda mikonam…
          babayi sale jadid ye kari vase ooon celet mikonam…bezar ba in khanum hamsaye harf bezanam…

  2. zebelkhanum03-08-12

    che ajaaaaab

    • admin03-08-12

      Ajab be jamaletoon :mrgreen:

  3. zebelkhanum03-08-12

    nesfe nime khundam…badesh miam mikhunam coment mizaram oooha..

    • admin03-08-12

      montazere nazaret hastima 😉

  4. Zahrahamedi02-22-16

    Yeah exactly ?? I have real friend like this and I think trust is so important ☺great lecture ???

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