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What Do You Want in the Future?

27 Dec Posted by in Daily | 40 comments
What Do You Want in the Future?

If you could build something for the future, what would it be?

Think of the kinds of experiences and things you would see in a science fiction movie. Robots that can make you breakfast in the morning, drop your children off at school and then clean the house. Or imagine elevators that can take you to outer space, and cars that can drive themselves. Or perhaps you would like a wearable computer — one that is part of your clothing, or in your watch, and is connected to the Internet so it can send you information on people you are meeting or interacting with in real life?

The list of products, which are far from becoming reality at this point, was dreamed up by Google executives, including Sergey Brin and Larry Page, the company’s co-founders. If they had asked me, I would have included flying cars, virtual reality experiences — and of course, jet packs so I could fly to Paris for a few hours.

If they had asked you, what would you put on the list of ideas for the future? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Diego12-27-11

    I like looking through and I think this website got some genuinely useful stuff on it! .

    • admin12-28-11

      Thx you dieego 🙂
      Don’t mention it 😉

  2. Majid Mohebi12-27-11

    I would like to have a robot-maid, time machine, robot-nurse (for emergencies).

    • admin12-28-11

      :mrgreen: did you have idea more ? :mrgreen:
      I do agree with time machine 😉

  3. Patricia12-27-11

    I would like to see computer chips inserted in brains that would have the knowledge of multiple science disciplines that could be accessed instantly. I would also like to have the ability to send messages from one person to another instantly (from brain to brain).

    • admin12-28-11

      Wow this is good idea
      If we could have the ability to send sms from brain to brain, I think that would be a revolution in cell phone industry :O 😛
      Interesting ! 😉

  4. Martin12-27-11

    This is just what I was looking for. I did not expect that I’d get so much out of reading your write up! You’ve just earned yourself a returning visitor 😀

    • admin12-28-11

      Yes :mrgreen:
      Your welcome 🙂

  5. Lan Mcfelon12-27-11

    Scientists think there is a good possibility we are living in an ancestor simulation. If this is true, I want a way to hack into the simulation and change the rules and to bring back everyone who has ever died.

    If we are living in a computer simulation, there should be no limits to what we can do. We can live forever in a world without poverty or disease. The laws of physics could be rewritten to fit our needs. We just need to find a way to hack into it, or find the back door that may have been purposely left for someone like us to find.

    • admin12-28-11

      I think you would want to have time machine so you could go every where you want to go there in back or future time 🙂 🙂
      that amazing 😉
      good job

  6. keyli12-27-11

    I would like the telephone to be attached to the wall inside the house, so that I am not subject to various loud and inane conversations every time I try to use or enjoy a public space. I would like NOT to be subject to being contacted at any moment by potentially every single person I work with, am related to, or have ever known in my life. I would like to be able to strike up conversations with other people in public, without everyone being walled off into their own little technological world, regardless of where in the real world they might be. I would like the distraction of technology to end so that my fellow citizens might wake up and realize the wool has been pulled over their eyes for long enough

    • admin12-28-11

      Woo-ow that is fabulous idea 🙂
      I like it 😛

  7. Milad kashani12-27-11

    I genuinely value your piece of work, Great post.

    • admin12-28-11

      thank you Milad 😉
      don’t mention it 😉

  8. Milad kashani12-27-11

    I would like to have kind of clothes which means I could hide my self =)))

    • admin12-28-11

      Oh my god that is naughty idea 🙂 you would hide yourself in front of people and do everything :mrgreen:

  9. Dan12-27-11

    I want to be able to travel anywhere like they portray in Startrek shows :mrgreen:

    • admin12-28-11

      I’m the same way with you 😉
      I would like to go anywhere by fax :mrgreen:

  10. الف نون12-29-11

    چرا آینده ؟ حال رو بدونم خیلی کار کردم :))
    عرض ارادت

    • admin12-30-11

      salam va dorood
      bah bah khoobi ?
      ey baba hala ye kami be ayande fekr konim khosh beshim hal ke chizi nadare :mrgreen:

      • الف نون01-01-12

        پدرام جان نمیدونم یادته و در جریانی که من غرغرو (قرقرو) هستم تا حدودی :دی
        نخست اینکه چرا افزونه
        WP Thread Comment
        نصب نمیکنی؟

        دوم چرا پینگلیش !‌ 😐

        در انتها هم اینکه متقاعدم کردی به آینده فکر کنم 😉

        • admin01-01-12

          bale bale shenakhtam 😉 :mrgreen:
          een plugin ra nasb karde boodam alan ham nasb kardam amma manzooresho az karesh ziad dark nakardam alan faale bebin 🙂 daghighan age karesh kamenthaye javabi ra poshte sare ham kone bashe ke man eeno tooye code webam eveshtam va een karo mikone mage na ?
          phonglish ?! :mrgreen: khob javabe cm haye persian ra finglish midam dige webo sare ye seri jaryanat ke age khasti itoonam barat mail konam english kardam khoda ro shokr ham bazdid khareji ham behemoon javab dad va miand nazar hayee idand va doostayee ham peida kardam 😀
          khosh halam kheili
          bishtar benevis matalebe jadid bezar man ke montazeram update koni 🙂

  11. nari nar12-30-11

    rayamo dadam shomare kart midam polo variz kun

    • admin12-30-11

      daste shoma dard nakone az key tahala poolaki shodi khabar nadaram ? :mrgreen:

      • nari nar12-30-11

        دست شما درد نکنه ما بدون تکنولوژی امنیت جانی مایمون بیشتر فقط بی زحمت خدمات بانکی پیشرفت کنه بسه

        • admin12-30-11

          Ey baba chera ? :mrgreen:
          begoo bebinam chi shode ? 🙂

  12. farhad12-30-11

    vala man az vorude teknology be hameye joziate zendegi yekam mitarsam.
    shoma tarh o iede bedin man baressi mikonam 😀

    • admin12-30-11

      chera mitarsi ? 🙂
      ajab hala nazaret dar morede idea hayee ke neveshtam va baghiye neveshtand chiye mr baresi kon ? :mrgreen:

      • farhad12-30-11

        khob oon sadegie zendegi ro momkene rahte tasir ghara bede.
        kheyli az ghashangi haye zendegi
        adama ro rahat talab kone
        ba tafakore mashini
        ertebatate majazi bejaye vaghei
        حتما یه دستگاه واقعیت مجازی هم میخواین بسازین که وقتی من دلم واسه دوستم تنگ شده بتونم از راه دور بغلش کنم

        • admin12-31-11

          are dige karha rahat mishe masalan age kasi bekhad bache dar ham beshe majazi rahat bedoone hich moshkeli 😀 :mrgreen:

  13. nari nar12-30-11

    کو ایمیل تایید رای من؟؟؟
    پد پدی رای ما را پس بگیر

    • admin12-30-11

      na dige vaghti ray bedi bayad beri too email link tayeed ra click koni ta rayet sabt beshe 🙂
      een karo kardi ?

  14. nari nar12-30-11

    پ ن پ تورو تایید کردم

    • admin12-31-11

      ey baba mano ke tayeed nashode ghabool dari mage na ? :mrgreen:

      • nari nar12-31-11

        toro rish sefiday jahanam taeyed konan man ghabol nadaram!!!:P
        in jojot ru asab masabeha midam khepel bokhoratesha

        • admin12-31-11

          Ey baba chera ? delet miad ? :mrgreen:
          akheeey dame joojoom garm :mrgreen:

          • nari nar12-31-11

            in jojot yarane nadare?
            yekam dune bede behesh laghar mordanieha!!!
            ma niz upim

          • admin12-31-11

            na joojooye ma khodkafast 😀
            a baba een az khepele to topol tare :mrgreen:
            amadim mig mig :mrgreen:

  15. Fleip12-31-11

    Rattling great visual appeal on this website, I’d rate it 10.

    • admin12-31-11

      thank you very much Fleip 😉

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