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Iran Web Festival

15 Dec Posted by in Daily | 12 comments
Iran Web Festival

This time, I would like to say about programming on smart TV (LG smart TV).

Consider that, Iran’s web festival started a competition between programmers for designing application that installed on smart TV.

Furthermore, programming for application parallel with a match of best sites of Iran in these categories. ( link )

Anyway, I participated in this festival for best site and program about LG Smart TV. In fact, you can see some screen shots of my program.

The name of it is Iran Nationality and International Food ; It learned how you make ethnic food of Iran.You could find popular ethnic foods with recipes and pictures .

You could click on name of the province of Iran in the map and see a foods with introduction of it. It made by Css and Html code .

The competition was sponsored by LG Electronics.

If you want an information about Festival , you could click on this links. ( English version , Persian version )

Good luck



  1. farhad12-16-11

    iedeye jalebie.
    baba designer! 😀
    omidvaram azash esteghbal she.

    aghaye designer, ye dasti be code haye webe khodetam bebar, vaghti tu safheye contact chizi neveshtim o “send” ro zadim, peygham bede ke ersal shod. hichi nemige!

    • admin12-16-11

      khosh halam ke khoshet oomade omidvaram ke esteghbal beshe 😉
      ey baba khejalatemoon nade 🙂
      chashm, ey baba mage nashnidi sokoot alamate rezayat ast ? khob eenam hichi nemige yani ersal shod raft :mrgreen: 🙂

  2. ashish naik12-16-11

    Well, so you got how to do that bird congrats.
    I would suggest you to add a facebook like button also.
    Do visite the site named for a sample

    • admin12-16-11

      yeah, :mrgreen:
      it might be good idea to add a “facebook like” button 🙂
      thx to you and your site 🙂

  3. dieta12-16-11

    Welcome to LG Electronics UAE official website. Discover the world of LG including the latest CINEMA 3D TV
    Browse our site for LG latest technology & updates for our products.

    • admin12-16-11

      welcome to my blog 😉

  4. Mahsa12-17-11

    Woooow! that’s a real trustworthy application. I even couldn’t imagine it in this level of quality. That’s perfect and well designed. Wish u Good Luck exactly as u wish for urself 🙂
    U should be the winner.

    • admin12-17-11

      Yeah it’s wonderful :mrgreen:
      Thanks to you and your comment 😉
      If I could be a winner , It would make me titillating 😀

  5. Pedram12-18-11

    Good luck!

    I had participated in Iran Web Festival as dailypedram Writer in three sections: 1)Personal blog 2)University 3)The best copyright right preserver!

    what do you think about my chance in the competition?! 😀

    • admin12-18-11

      You’re be in this competition ? oh congratulation to you 😉
      it’s good for you but I think you have got lucky point in “Personal Blog”
      have fun 😉

  6. Isabel12-23-11

    GREAT publish and impressive in turn …will bear a try all the tips..Thanks……

    • admin12-23-11

      your welcome 😉

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