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Help Japan

18 Apr Posted by in Daily, My Write | 4 comments
Help Japan

Powerful Earthquakes Hit Japan

Once upon a time in quiet day in Japan , people were doing errands self , For Example somebody was going to work ,  mothers were picking up child to school , somebody in train was going to his company or anywhere else … suddenly their land quake , many child died  , some people disappeared . some cities for example senda and fukushima in a moment teared down and destroyed . Cars likes feather on ther water being immersed .

Four train in near fukushima  were disappeared .

Nuclear Power Plant in every second be danger time , many helicopter pouring water on nuclear power plant core to chill a reactor but walls that protects reactors exploded .

I just think for japanese people ” Stay Strong Japan “


  1. khan dayi !04-19-11

    akhe man savad daram ke biyam post hato bekhunam, nazar bedam??!!!
    na to begu !

    • admin04-19-11

      نداشتیم از این حرفا ها !!!!

  2. Carabini04-25-11

    Some 3 000 people have already been urged to leave their homes as the government declared its first-ever state of emergency at a nuclear plant…. Japans nuclear safety agency said the evacuation ordered by the local government of Fukushima affects at least 2 800 people.

  3. dieta10-05-11

    A ship carrying 100 people was swept away by the tsunami according to the Kyodo news agency. The authorities said there was no radiation leak but people within 2km of the plant have reportedly been told to evacuate their homes. The Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan urged people to help their neighbours and to act to minimise the damage . We ask the people of Japan to exercise the spirit of fraternity help each other and act fast he said. The tsunami has reached Hawaii with rising waters reported but no significant impact is expected when it reaches the US mainland around coastal Oregon and northern .For earlier updates .

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